I looked for a phone solution which offered the possibility for my employees to work from their home without compromising the customer service. I had contacted several suppliers and nobody could offer me the functions and the flexibilities that I needed in an affordable cost. Resolved to return to a conventional solution, I called back IP4B Telecom for the purchase of my new phone system because I had received an excellent service in 2009, during my last purchase.

Their IP4B representative took care of asking for me my real needs in telephony and then proposed a phone solution Voice over IP. He demonstrated me as the VoIP solution, including devices, was less expensive than the conventional solution, and very affordable.

I shall never return towards a conventional system. The platform of voice over IP is the best solution for any company. The management by the web portal is simple and friendly; not need to be an experienced technician for the management to the everyday life of its telephony system. Furthermore, the solution reduces our costs of telecommunication, helps us to give a better customer service while offering us a flexibility, which a standard phone system cannot offer. Opt for the Voice over IP Solution of IP4B. I guarantee that you will be entirely satisfied.


Hello Mr. Foisy,

I enjoyed our meeting this week. During the tendering process, you never know who you’re going to be working with. Your team made a very favourable first impression. You were able to answer the consultant’s questions clearly and accurately, without hesitation, and above all, no grey areas. We found it inspiring.

Manager - Department of Material Resources

For the past 9 years, IP4B Telecom has supplied all our telecom needs here at Toshiba Business Solution. We’re thrilled to have chosen them once again to handle the migration of our telecommunications platform to even more modern technology. Thanks to the dedicated fibre optic connection and VoIP telephone lines installed by IP4B, we were able to improve employee efficiency and reduce our involvement in the management of the telephone system.

general Manager

Telecommunications are essential to the management of company growth. Quality communications are essential, as are Internet stability and the ability to manage the telephony system with ease. With a traditional telephone system, a few telephone lines and an improvised firewall, we’d reached the limit of our home-grown solution and were in need of a new architecture that would meet the needs of our company.

One-stop shop is what I truly appreciate about IP4B. One provider who takes care of everything: hosted VoIP solutions, Internet connections and all the equipment needed to ensure a quality network. Since IP4B installed their system, I have peace of mind. I’m completely satisfied.

Pascal Jarry