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Is it true that with hosted VoIP telephone lines, in case of failure of Internet connection, I have no phone service?

In the case of a hybrid system, where you have traditional lines AND VoIP lines, your traditional lines remain functional despite an Internet outage.

With a hosted solution, in case of Internet failure, VoIP lines will be automatically redirected to one or more external numbers, mobile or physical line on site (fax), as they have been previously programmed. No loss of service. Business continuity at all times.

The Business continuity plan also works for any type of failure, disconnection device, equipment breakdowns, etc.

I already have a phone system that I want to keep. Do IP4B can maintain it?

Yes, our technicians are trained to service most major brands of telephone system.

I already have a phone system, if I change my supplier, do I have to change the whole system as well?

No, your phone system will be compatible regardless of the provider because the technology of business phone lines is a global standard.

If you want to keep your traditional lines or even migrate to a hybrid solution by adding a few VoIP lines to your existing system, no need to change neither the phone system nor the telephones.

If you want to migrate to a hosted VoIP solution, you only have to change the telephones.

I already have a current contract, can I still change supplier?

From experience, if less than two (2) years are left on your current contract, the savings are so great that they allow us to absorb the penalties on the new contract and you still save money. The best way to know is to contact one of our consultants at 514-444-IP4B (4742).

If I change a landline to a VoIP line or hosted solution, can I still keep the same phone number?

Usually, yes. Our extensive coverage allows us to offer the majority of phone numbers available in Quebec.

If I change provider, do I have to change my phone number?

Your phone number stays the same; your number belongs to you and can be carried from one network to another as for cellular service. This is a CRTC regulation.