We introduce you to some of the cloud business features

Those features are all included in every Cloud Business Solutions, in addition of all the IP Telephony features too!
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Rings the office extension number and the mobile phone it is linked to simultaneously

Icone IP4B fonction d'affaires infonuagiques : Sonnerie simultanée
With IP4B’s cloud telephony for business, you can have people ring you on your office phone and mobile phone at the same time. No more missed calls, and coworkers and customers will be able to reach you all the time. It’s the perfect solution for resolving problems faster and more efficiently!


Forwards your voicemails to your email account

IP4B message vocaux par courriel
Synching your voicemail and email is a cinch with IP4B’s cloud telephony for business! Stop calling the office to retrieve your messages, and start returning calls faster and delegating more effectively.


Transfers your calls to other phones when service is interrupted

ip4b-fonctions-encasdepanneContinue doing business with complete peace of mind, even if there’s a power outage or the internet is down. With IP4B’s business continuity plan, all incoming calls will be transferred to one or several numbers you will have pre-assigned as backup: onsite landline, outside line or mobile phone.