Call Center

The fully integrated call center application enables the rapid delivery of full-featured hosted call centers, meeting the needs of the most sophisticated enterprise customers. Core call center functions include

– intelligent routing and distribution
– web-based agent and supervisor clients
– comprehensive reporting capabilities.

Integrated ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) functionality is at the core of the IP4B Call Center solution. Call Center administrators can easily and quickly configure sophisticated distribution and routing logic from the web portal, and deliver calls to any user regardless of their location or device.

-Agent availability
-Historical reporting
-Silent monitoring

Three of the functions that work with agents at remote sites, home-based agents, or agents on mobile devices just as though they are located at the main call center office.


IP4B Call Center fully supports users in less demanding environments, where they can manage their availability using their phone device and use daily or weekly reports to monitor agent and queue activity.

– The IP4B Call Center solution provides a comprehensive set of in-depth, real-time and historical data on agent and queue activity, utilization and performance.

– Accessible on-demand via the web-based client or as scheduled reports delivered via email – IP4B provides a broad set of reports on key performance indicators and trends to help maximize the performance and efficiency of call centers.

– IP4B also provides the option for creating custom reports to support the unique business process and monitoring requirements of many call centers. A real-time dashboard provides information on queues and agents to help monitor activity and identify trends.


Automated Attendant

The IP4B Automated Attendant is a flexible, powerful, front office tool that acts as an automated receptionist for business customers. Callers get a professional greeting and routing options that allow them to reach the correct destination, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

– Dial to reach groups/queues
– Dial by name, dial by extension
– Escape to Operator
– After hours routing, and holiday routing.

Even the smallest company, or a “virtual” company with no physical office, can present a professional, “big company” image to callers, routing calls to employees that are geographically distributed, or to mobile employees without fixed line phones. Automated Attendants can be used to provide simple skills-based routing for Call Centers. “Press 1 for Sales and 2 for Service,” where calls are routed to hunt groups or queues that include the appropriately skilled agents.


Monitoring Portal

The IP4B IP monitoring portal is a robust network intelligence solution that helps improve productivity and efficiency by providing a high-level overview of what is actually happening in IP networks.

This tool allows clients get the most out of their IP communications networks with unique, real-time management capabilities. Network operators can move beyond individual element management and benefit from real-time, networkwide visibility into their IP communications networks.


Management Portal

The IP4B Managing Portal provides a comprehensive web-based portal for users to access and manage all of their services, from any location :

– directly manage greetings
– create distribution lists
– email settings
-fax messaging.

Users can also :

– setup conference bridges
– manage participants during active calls
– access and manage recorded conferences
– generate reports on audio conference

Call Statistics and reporting

IP4B VoIP call statistics and reporting portal enables you to display periodic calls reports that provides a simple, powerful tool for management.

– Consult Call Logs by extension, date, site, etc.
– Export the reports in CSV format
– Visualize your data in graphics