The importance of a high-performance, secure Wi-Fi network in the age of unified communications and hybrid work


Wi-Fi networks have always been at the heart of enterprise connectivity. With the increased use of smartphones and unified communications applications such as Webex by Cisco, the Wi-Fi network is increasingly in demand and at risk! In this article, we want to share with you some of the best ideas to secure your network and make it perform better.

First, let’s talk about the performance of your Wi-Fi network. In the days of wired phones, it was reasonably easy to successfully manage bandwidth and provide exceptional quality of service (QoS) for voice. Good equipment such as Juniper switches and routers went a long way toward achieving this. Also noteworthy is that a wired network typically has higher bandwidth than a wireless network.

With the increased use of smartphones and applications such as Webex, or with the arrival of telecommuters stopping by for hybrid work at the office, additional users are overloading a Wi-Fi network that was initially designed as a “plan b” access. Indeed, wireless networks are now the primary networks and, as such, are being used more – and more at risk – than ever.

Another factor affecting the quality of enterprise wireless service is the use of equipment (also known as access points) that often performs poorly. Let’s put it in context: initially, the Wi-Fi network was only the “plan b” network. The equipment in place is often insufficient to fulfill the primary network role.

It is not only performance that is at stake here. The security of Wi-Fi networks is often easily circumvented. The Canadian Centre for Cyber Security (Cyber Centre) published this report in April 2022, indicating nine possible attacks, many patches, and best practices to implement. The report concludes with these words: “The wireless landscape is growing every day with more smart-enabled devices with built-in Wi-Fi. The threat landscape has never been larger. Securing your network and being aware of the threats involved will help ensure you have a protected business environment for the future.”

With its networking expertise and knowledge of the Canadian business market, IP4B can offer high-performance and secure Wi-Fi solutions that will increase your organization’s productivity and reduce operational risks while staying within a reasonable budget.

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