IP4B launches its new LTE Internet redundancy service

IP4B announces the launch of its new Internet redundancy service via the LTE network. This new offering allows businesses to ensure the continuity of their IP telephony and critical IT services.


If an interruption to a company’s primary Internet service, IP4B’s LTE Internet Redundancy service takes over immediately and automatically so that organizations’ operations can continue without interruption.

“Our LTE Internet redundancy service is doubly unique. First, our LTE service is on a private network, ensuring the quality of service required for VoIP. In addition, the architecture of the service allows the same IP address to be maintained during service failover, thus preserving outbound and inbound IT connectivity,” said Steve Foisy, President, and Co-Founder of IP4B.

IP4B recently received significant financial support from BDC Capital, a subsidiary of the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC). The launch of IP4B’s LTE Internet redundancy service directly results from this investment.

“Over the past six years, we have invested $2 million in our telco-grade business IP telecommunications platform. BDC Capital’s funding will allow us to invest in initiatives such as the IP4B LTE redundancy service that will bring great value to our customers, ” said Mr. Foisy.