Property managers: how to offer high-speed Internet for businesses at an affordable price using Gfast technology

Property managers whose business it is to rent office space must not only compete on location, they must also provide modern services that meet today’s demanding technology hungry businesses. One of these challenges is offering high-speed Internet connectivity at an attractive price. IP4B introduces the Gfast technology. But first a bit of background information.

Fiber Optics, FTTx and Coax Cable

Fiber optics is the traditional way of delivering high-speed Internet service to businesses located in an office building. However, companies subscribing to this service can often pay up to $750 per month for 100 MB up-down link. On the other hand, Internet over coax cable or FTTN or FTTB offer lower rates. They cannot, however, offer the same level of robustness, equal the stability provided by fiber and provide shorter mean times of repair required by today’s businesses.

An enterprise may decide to pay the full price for a dedicated fiber or, although a compromise on reliability, they can go for coax or FTTN / FTTB. Most small businesses will go for the lower-priced option even though in this era of cloud-based applications and services, reliability is increasingly important.

Gfast Technology for Property Managers

IP4B obviously proposes a third voice to solve this conundrum that property managers face with a solution that proposes fiber optic speeds and reliability at prices equivalent to FTTx technologies. We present you with the Gfast technology!

Simply put, the Gfast technology allows service providers like IP4B to distribute fiber optic Internet speeds inside buildings reusing the existing copper wiring, the one already in place for traditional (read analog) telephony. The speed of the Internet service is sustained from the demarcation point all the way to each office space. One of the main adoption barriers of fiber are construction costs and internal cabling required to deploy the service. By reusing the existing telephony cabling wired inside walls, organizations practically get rid of these costs.

As always, IP4B delivers robust solutions relying on telco grade equipment to deliver you superior availability and quality of service.

Meeting Business Needs

For property managers of rental space for businesses, these Gfast solutions empower them to rapidly deploy fiber optic Internet service inside their properties. Moreover, location to location compared to nearby properties managed by competitors, property managers can differentiate themselves by offering fast fiber Internet at prices that are advantageously comparable to other technologies like coaxial cable or FTTx connections.

In the property management business, it is often said that there are three important factors to consider: location, location, location. To these, IP4B adds a fourth: a high speed Internet connection at a business-friendly price using Gfast technologies.

If you are a property manager renting office space, we invite you to contact one of our senior advisors to explore possibilities available to you and your tenants.