The beginning of a new chapter for IP4B, or the art of embracing hybrid work

Nous sommes déménagé

As we recently announced, IP4B has moved. We are now located at 7910 Marco-Polo Avenue, Montreal, Qc, H1E 2S5. Still located in the east end of Montreal, 2 km from the current location, we remain close to major roads to facilitate travel. We remain close to the Anjou industrial park.

Like many companies in the era of hybrid work, IP4B chose its new location with this in mind. Indeed, with many of our technical colleagues on the road, our administrative employees, most of whom are working from home, and our sales consultants paying visits to our customers, we now have different spatial needs.

This new chapter, this transformation of our business model, would not have been possible without the arrival of powerful tools like Webex by Cisco. In a recent article, we shared four ways Webex helps increase employee productivity. Indeed, Webex is a mobile-focused application that simplifies communication. Webex makes meetings more productive and unifies remote teams.

Whether or not you plan to move, we invite you to consider Webex to accompany your work from home and hybrid work strategy. And if you’ve already made another technology choice, we’re confident that migrating to Webex will benefit you.