Call Recording, a Powerful Productivity Feature Available To All

IP4B’s unified communications and hosted IP telephony solutions offer several optional call recording functions. This powerful productivity feature, which is available to all IP4B customers and their users, addresses the following business goals:

Compliance. First off, call recording answers the need for compliance. In effect, certain organizations are legally compelled to capture the entirety of their conversations between their employees and their clients and correspondents. As a result, organizations can leverage call recording to reduce their operating risk.

Training. It also helpful to record calls for training purposes. In the context of full employment, it is more and more difficult to recruit the right personnel. That’s why training is crucial in offering the best customer experience while offering new recruits a stimulating learning environment.

Quality. Whether it’s a call centre or a service department, the quality of the customer experience is paramount. Call recording enables managers to perform a review of adherence to the quality standards put in place by the organization.

Security. When it comes time to confirm a transaction by phone, the most effective means of ensuring security is to record the confirmation in whole or in part by spoken contract.

Listening portal for call recording

IP4B offers a secure, easy to use, web-based listening portal where each recording is listed with its call origin and destination. Each message can be played back, saved locally, or simply erased. It is possible to search recordings by number or date.

Call recording

Free storage for call recording

Finally, all recordings can be kept for up to 30 days in cloud-based storage at no additional cost or they can be forwarded by email to an address of your choosing at the end of each call.


Call recording is a powerful productivity feature available to all that enables regulatory compliance, improved employee training, higher quality customer experience, and more secure transactions.

Please get in touch with one of our senior advisors to explore the possibilities that call recording makes possible.