Why this major Canadian bank chose Webex over Teams

Webex vs Teams

One of our colleagues recently met with the financial planner of a large Canadian bank. A very large Canadian bank. And even though they are not an IP4B customer, we thought it would be helpful to share why this large Canadian bank chose Webex over Teams.

First, the banking industry is highly demanding regarding security and compliance standards. I don’t need to explain that to you. But with E2E Zero-Trust standards-based encryption and secure identity, Webex sets an even higher security standard for confidential meetings on the Webex application and devices. You can learn more about this on Cisco’s website here.

But why didn’t they select the other well-known solution when some companies go that way? Not to name it, yes, we are talking about Microsoft Teams. We can be sure that this very large Canadian bank has undoubtedly done its homework. And it’s not the only one.

According to comparison site Gartner Peer Insights, Cisco’s Webex beats Microsoft Teams for North American small businesses with a score of 4.8 for Cisco’s Webex compared to 4.1 for Microsoft Teams among those who evaluated the solutions over the past 12 months. This score difference is a significant advantage and demonstrates the advancement of Cisco.

Cisco’s Webex leads Microsoft Teams for North American small businesses with a score of 4.8 compared to 4.1.


Small business executives here may think that this very large bank can afford Webex and is only suitable for large companies with complex needs and considerable budgets. Not true!

With its integration into the telephone network, the Cisco Webex solution offered by IP4B is less expensive than the Microsoft Teams equivalent. And that’s true no matter what size your company is: from a large bank to your local small business.

If you want to know more about Webex by Cisco, please contact us at sales@ip4b.ca to start a discussion. Also, please do not hesitate to forward this article to a colleague. Also, feel free to forward this article to a colleague.