Avaya, once again on the verge of bankruptcy

Avaya Chapter 11

Avaya, the renowned enterprise telephone system manufacturer, is again on the verge of bankruptcy. Technically not in bankruptcy, but under the protection of its creditors under American law, known as “Chapter 11”. Once again, for a third time. We discussed it here the first time in May 2017, in October 2019, a second time in that same month, and most recently, in August 2022.


And this is not without the lawsuit in the state of New York filed by investors accusing Avaya of massive fraud in managing their debt, according to this article published on the Yahoo Finance website. Whew!

Far be it from us to rejoice in the woes of such a venerable player in the industry as Avaya. After all, the quality of their phone systems has always been top-notch. On the other hand, we must admit that the business model for enterprise phone systems is a thing of the past. With the demise of Nortel, Panasonic, Samsung, ShoreTel, and many others, it is clear that the PBX market in the form of the enterprise PBX is seeing its last days… if not its last hours.

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