The new work experience of AGILITI4B with Webex

New Work

AGILITI4B with Webex is reinventing the collaboration experience, delivering messaging, meetings, voice and video calls, as well as digital whiteboarding in the cloud.

Companies are embracing a cultural shift that caters to a mobile workforce. The days when business meetings required travel and time away from the business are a thing of the past. More companies are connecting both internally and with customers via web-based video conferencing. AGILITI4B with Webex application is designed to address the needs of the modern workforce. In the age of the agile business, it is how you trump the competition and deepen engagement with your customers.

AGILITI4B with Webex Teams brings work beyond the meeting, allowing users to set up spaces for projects and teams. Using the AGILITI4B with Webex Teams function, you can securely access video conference, group message, file share, and whiteboard. Users can join these conversations quickly from any device, anywhere, anytime. Always-on messaging makes it easy to share information, ask questions, and make decisions quickly, and end-to-end encryption ensures that your messages and files are secure.

AGILITI4B with Webex meetings brings people together from anywhere around the country or worldwide. It’s augmenting in-person meetings with features that make it feel like you’re there in person, even when you can’t be. Meetings can be scheduled ahead or hosted impromptu. You can start a voice, video, or web meeting from your smartphone, desk, or room system.

No matter what device you join the meeting from, you will get the same high-quality experience. Pull your local team into your conference room and easily invite remote attendees to join from anywhere using conference room units offered by IP4B. When you need to meet, you’ll spend less time getting caught up and more time getting things done.

Webex call is your robust and redundant IP4B hosted cloud-based business phone system. This system allows you to place and receive phone calls from anywhere. Thanks to AGILITI4B with Webex, you can call anyone from IP phones or directly from your app and seamlessly move conversations between mobile, desktop, and room devices. With AGILITI4B hosted IP telephony, you get the benefits of traditional phone systems without the complicated deployment.

The AGILITI4B with Webex app is your one-stop team collaboration device that combines wireless presentation, digital whiteboarding, audio, and video conferencing. It enables team collaboration in physical meeting rooms and securely connects to virtual meeting spaces. Sketch your vision right on the Webex Board module and allow your team to watch it take shape and jump in with their ideas and edits from their own devices. All your work is saved instantly to your Webex space.

The IP4B portfolio also includes room and desk devices from multiple manufacturers such as Cisco, Polycom, and Yealink. Most provide all-in-one HD video and voice for high-quality video conferencing from your desktop.

IP4B brings the power of collaboration to small and medium-sized teams across Canada. Unified Communications solutions like AGILITI4B with Webex are the new standard for businesses to compete. Make sure you are prepared. Do not wait to increase your teams’ productivity with Webex. Call us today. Now. Do it 😊.