Building Hybrid Work Experiences thanks to AGILITI4B with Webex: Details Matter

The Shift From Remote Work to a New Hybrid Work Environment

It’s exciting to see more organizations start to shift from remote work to a new hybrid work environment, but it’s a transition that comes with a new set of questions and challenges. How many people will return to the office, and what will be the setting? Increasingly, we’re hearing that teams are feeling exhausted and disconnected – what tools can help solve that? And perhaps most importantly, how can we ensure that employees continuing to work remotely have the same connected and inclusive experience as those that return to the office?

When we think about delivering positive employee experiences, it’s the details that matter. This month, we’re rolling out new Webex features that solve a few challenges that might be overlooked and yet play an essential role in the new hybrid working model.

Give More and Get More From Your Meeting Experiences

Whether in the office or working remotely, no one wants to sit in meeting after meeting listening to a rambling presenter. Or worse, participating in a video meeting with so many talking heads and content sharing that you don’t know where to focus. Making meetings more engaging is essential in the world of hybrid work.

Cisco is expanding the Webex custom layouts functionality to include greater host controls, resulting in a more personalized and engaging meeting experience. As a meeting host or co-host, you can hide participants who are not on video, bringing greater focus to facial expressions and interactions with video users. Using the slider feature, you can show all participants on screen or focus on just a few. And now, hosts and co-hosts can curate and synchronize the content and speakers you want your attendees to focus on and then push that view to all participants. This allows you to set a typical “stage” and establish a more engaging meeting experience for all.

Setting the stage and sharing great content is one half of the equation – but wouldn’t it be helpful to know what your audience thinks about your meeting as well? Recently, Cisco announced the close of the Slido acquisition, which brings best-in-class audience interaction capabilities to the Webex platform. With the ability to crowdsource questions, launch polls and quizzes, and solicit real-time feedback from your audience, the meeting experience just became a lot more exciting and valuable to both those hosting and those attending.

Work More Efficiently with Personalized Webex Work Modes

Your morning routine might involve reviewing your meeting schedule or checking unread messages. Or maybe you spend the majority of your time on calls. As a Webex user, you now have the flexibility to modify settings to default to the work mode that’s most important to you, allowing you to work your way more efficiently. And because all work modes come together seamlessly on the Webex platform, you can transition between messaging, calling, and meeting efficiently.

If you’re like us, you might rely on your message inbox as a To-Do list that reminds you where to prioritize your time. To better support this workstyle preference, Webex now offers the ability to quickly mark a message as unread, even if you’ve already read it. This visual reminder allows you to work efficiently and effectively – keeping up to speed on conversations while ensuring that action items don’t fall off your radar.

Reimagining the Workplace

When it comes to planning for a safe and successful return to the office, business leaders are faced with new challenges large and small – everything from reconfiguring workspaces for a hybrid workforce to ensuring that shared surfaces and devices are kept clean and sanitized.

To ensure inclusive collaboration between employees in the office and those working remotely, IP4B makes it easier for all meeting attendees to be seen and heard. It offers a number of conference room cameras from Cisco and Polycom with powerful digital zoom camera and optimized audio via internal microphones, providing clear audio from far away.

When it comes to enabling safe, engaging, and inclusive employee experiences, IP4B is just getting started.

To download the new IP4B eBook “Give your meetings a brighter future” or to inquire about the new AGILITI4B with Webex solution, please talk to us at or call us at 514-444-4742.