Power your teams with Cisco Webex … not the “other” solution – yes we are talking about MS Teams!

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When thinking about productivity for your teams, too often, companies make a quick choice based on very little information by choosing a solution that seems to be free because it is part of the application suite already in use. However, to propel your teams (you will have understood the nod to Microsoft Teams!), it is essential to consider the Cisco Webex solution offered by IP4B.


Many companies choose Microsoft Teams because it is offered in a free version with specific editions of Windows and Office 365. However, to take advantage of the full range of features that drive team productivity and connect to the public telephone network, companies must choose the paid version of Microsoft Teams.

The Cisco Webex solution offered by IP4B with the phone network integration is less expensive than the Microsoft Teams equivalent.

Cisco’s Webex differs significantly from Microsoft Teams in several aspects according to several analyses, including this analysis from the renowned comparison site Quick Sprout. In the same vein, we recently shared our opinion on our blog on which solution is best suited for telecommuting. While this may have been a partisan opinion, we believe it to be sincere.

In this comparative analysis of Quick Sprout, we note many similarities. First, there is an advantage in the user interface and usability of the Webex solution. Also, the site gives a technological advantage to Webex, among others, thanks to the Cisco devices that connect natively. Regarding security, Webex also has the upper hand with its automatic end-to-end call encryption on all calls. Finally, in addition to Cisco telephone devices, IP4B offers its customers a wide selection of compatible IP devices such as Yealink, Polycom, Mitel, Grandstream, and many others.

How to power your teams with Cisco Webex


By purchasing Cisco Webex from IP4B, you can have the best productivity solution to power your teams and the best partner to accompany you with its personalized consulting services. If you want to know more, we invite you to contact us at sales@ip4b.ca. Also, feel free to forward this article to a colleague.