Microsoft Teams opens doors to integration with Cisco’s Webex for a better end-to-end experience

We recently announced the full integration of Cisco’s Webex-powered IP4B telephony platform with Microsoft Teams. This integration provides business customers with a secure, private, redundant, and world-class telephony service. However, this integration was limited by Microsoft’s closed access. Microsoft is now opening its doors wide, facilitating integration with Cisco Webex for a better end-to-end experience.

Previously, Microsoft complicated Teams integration by using a restricted feature that limited total productivity and the free choice of companies to use third-party solutions such as Cisco’s Webex. This “Microsoft limitation” denied access to Cisco’s rich and robust Webex telephony platform. Indeed, until the recent announcement of IP4B, Microsoft Teams did not offer Canadian SMEs a clear alternative to meet their business expectations.

Integrating IP4B and Microsoft Teams is a fundamental transformation for Canadian businesses of all sizes: the familiarity of Microsoft Teams with the robustness and regional presence of IP4B.


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