VoIP Services: Why (and How) is IP4B Truly Unique on the Market

Every business seeks to position itself favorably on the market. In marketing, we speak of the “unique selling proposition”. Unfortunately, many vendors are simply pale copies of their competitors. This is even truer in telecom. Over the years, IP4B has succeeded in creating for itself a niche in the world of hosted IP telephony. This article discusses why (and how) IP4B is truly unique on the market for VoIP services.

The Telco Grade VoIP Platform


In order to build the best possible house, one must start with solid foundations. This is how IP4B decided to build its telco grade platform. It architected its solutions with the best available equipment such as Juniper routers and session border controllers (SBC) made by Ribbon. This equipment is hosted in multiple geographically redundant data centers. IP4B selected the Cisco-BroadSoft platform used in 41% of the worldwide market. The best platform, the best equipment, the best quality available.

In this way, IP4B distinguishes itself from competitors that have chosen open source software. The idea behind open source is very noble, however available solutions are limiting, not thoroughly tested and potentially open to security breaches.

BroadSoft is simply the best platform in the industry. It is for this reason that Cisco, in February 2018, bought the company. Businesses and end users are guaranteed to always have the best and most advanced platform, today and for years to come.

Private Internet


On the public Internet, applications fight for available bandwidth, which is often allocated to the greediest ones, but not necessarily the most important ones! On a private network, only applications that have been invited have network access.

Private networks are the only ones that can offer end-to-end quality of service required to transport IP telephony in real time. Without a private network, there is no such thing as quality of service (QoS).

Some VoIP providers claim that private networks do not matter, that bigger or faster is better. It is just not the case. The IP4B private network empowers organization to access all its power, its robustness and security right at your office location.

Single Point of Contact


A customer was recently sharing with us one of the reasons why it chose IP4B: the competitor on the account was not offering IP telephone sets along with its IP telephony service, it had to buy Polycom phones from a third party. For your reference, the competitor is a major telecommunication enterprise!

With IP4B, our customers get their IP telephony services, their Internet, their networking equipment (routers, switches, Wi-Fi access points) and, of course, all its phone sets under one roof.

This simplifies the purchasing process and greatly contributes to reducing the time to repair when issues occur, thus putting an end to finger pointing between suppliers. With IP4B’s single point of contact, customers save time and money while gaining a good night sleep knowing that they are in good hands.

Financial Stability


Over the years, many VoIP suppliers have come and gone. It is obviously a sad story for the businesses that must stop their operations, but the impact is as important if not greater on their customers. According to Industry Canada, it is in the professional services and information technology field in which most companies fail to financially succeed. Statistics show that the longer a company is in business, the less likely it is to cease operations.

In 2017, IP4B celebrated its 25th anniversary. It is proof of stability. In July 2018, IP4B announced that Planete Mobile became a shareholder in the company. Planete Mobile is the largest Rogers authorized reseller in Quebec. With this financial participation, IP4B is now part of a group of businesses generating $60M yearly and hiring 150 employees.

With this type of financial stability, IP4B can protect your most important marketing investment: your phone number.

Agility and Innovation


A little over 10 years ago, IP4B decided to innovate with the BroadSoft-Cisco platform. Since then, IP4B has invested over two million dollars in its telco grade network. It is not about how much IP4B spent on its infrastructure, it is about what is in it for you, IP4B customers?

IP4B distinguishes itself from its competitors, big or small, but offering innovative solutions. Our agility enables us to quickly seize new technological opportunities and to be continually on the move. Our objective is to empower our customers with the most up-to-date technologies that contribute to the productivity and success of Canadian businesses.

Human Touch


When examining the IP4B offering (telco grade platform, private Internet network, financial stability), it is tempting to compare it to large telecommunications providers on the market. It would be a mistake doing so!

Large telecommunications providers have a good reputation and they offer quality services. We are not denying that.

You may, however, have reservations about their ability to listen to your small or medium business size needs. You may also ask about their ability to deliver agile solutions addressing your operational needs.

At the other end of the spectrum are several small suppliers. They understand the business needs of small organizations as they live it themselves on a daily basis. But can they deliver world class telco grade solutions at a national level?

IP4B is truly the best of both worlds: a world-class telecom service provider, with the agility and proximity of a small company. IP4B is truly the business telecommunications provider with a human touch.



IP4B is truly unique on the IP telephony market thanks to its telco grade platform, its private IP connectivity, its one-stop-shop approach, its financial stability, its agility in innovating and, most importantly, its human touch.

Please let us know what you are looking for in a business telecommunications service provider by emailing us at sales@ip4b.ca.