Increasing the productivity of Senior Residence and the safety of its residents

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The CARE4B platform, developed by IP4B, is a communication software solution custom-designed to help Senior Residences benefit from a rich set of func­tiona­lities to meet their business challenges while increasing their productivity and the safety of its residents.

CARE4B is available in four main versions, depending on the Residence’s business needs. There are fifteen major modules and numerous functionalities that aim to increase the productivity of Residences, reduce their operating costs, help them meet the challenges of workforce shortages while improving the resident experience.

Introducing CARE4B-100, the perfect solution for Residences that want to automate resident roll call and improve pull-cord alert tracking. And of course, this solution can be integrated with most existing telephone systems and many popular pull-cord equipment already in place in residences.

Challenges of Traditional Systems

Roll calls are undoubtedly essential to improve the safety of residents and provide an excellent customer experience. However, in the context of workforce shortages, it becomes harder to make one-on-one calls and manage exceptions and absences efficiently.

Traditional pull-cord systems, so critical to ensuring resident safety, are mostly ineffective in reaching the right resource, the right person or group of people, to respond quickly to potentially urgent resident requests and thus ensure their safety.

The Automated Roll Call Service

The CARE4B-100 Automated Roll Call service generally operates in three phases, although fully configurable to various needs.

      1. 1. In the first phase, residents are invited to call the roll call service during a specific time slot. The calling number will be registered to confirm presence.


      1. 2. At the end of this period, the system will call the latecomers and ask them to confirm their presence.


    1. 3. For all residents who cannot be reached, an exception report is sent by email or text message to the various designated employees to conduct physical visits for those residents for whom the system could not obtain positive confirmation of attendance.

    CARE4B Screen Shot

    Mrs. Carriere is in alarm because she did not report during the agreed-upon time slot (late)

    The Advanced Pull-Cord Service

    The advanced pull-cord service leverages the attendance alert module by interfacing with several centralized, traditional pull-cord systems when available. As soon as a pull-cord is activated, in addition to the existing display, telephone, email, or text message alerts are sent to the various designated care givers and employees.

    Increased Safety for Residents and their Families


  1. The modern CARE4B-100 solution, with its presence calls and advanced pull-cord system, automates security measures in senior residences. It provides greater security for residents and their families, who, in turn, feel reassured. The CARE4B-100 solution helps residences lower operating costs, reduce operational risks, and ultimately enhance the customer experience.