Is this the third strike and the end for Avaya?

It is not the first time Avaya has shaken up the phone system (PBX) manufacturer market. We shared the company’s financial difficulties in May 2017 and again in October 2019 as it filed for creditor protection (the so-called “Chapter 11” law). This time, is it the third strike that will mark the definitive end of the Avaya manufacturer?

Indeed, the company has just announced to its shareholders that it is reducing its third-quarter revenue target by $125 million. This drop is a strong sign of the accelerated reduction in sales of traditional telephone systems. In addition, it has just changed CEOs again.

It’s not good to see a market veteran like Avaya in peril. In the world of traditional PBXs, Avaya is one of the best players. However, after the demise of Nortel, Panasonic, Samsung, and many others, it is clear that the PBX market in the form of the enterprise PBX is seeing its last days.

If you have an Avaya phone system or one from another manufacturer, it is time for you and your company to consider cloud solutions such as those offered by Cisco and IP4B. For more information, do not hesitate to contact one of our consultants at or by phone at 514-444-4742.