New area codes in Quebec to better serve you

New area codes will be implemented to offer more telephone numbers in Quebec to meet the growing demand for telecommunication services. The following third area codes (468, 354, and 263) will come into effect on October 22, 2022, in Quebec:

– 468 will cover the 819 and 873 area;

– 354 will cover the 450 and 579 area;

– 263 will cover the 514 and 438 area.

These new codes will be assigned to new telephone numbers only, and any subscriber who already has a number will keep it. Also, the boundaries of the long-distance calling areas will remain the same. It should be noted that existing codes will continue to be assigned as long as they are available in the local calling area.

These changes result from decisions made by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). Regional carriers such as IP4B and its partners are responsible for implementing the changes.

An important note to remember, depending on the telephone system used, programming may be required to support incoming and outgoing calls. These programming changes will allow you to make and receive calls without interruption. Please note that if you are using IP4B’s hosted IP telephony services, we will handle these changes.