Planning Business Communication Operations for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us, and we can already feel the excitement. However, sometimes companies do not plan ahead (sorry for the voluntary redundancy) for their business communication operations for the holiday season. In this article, we share four tips (we love the number 4 😂) to meet your customers’ expectations better.

Modify your Company’s Telephone Greeting


Like many businesses, you close your doors during the holidays, do not forget to change your phone greeting to let your customers and other contacts know of your organization’s special operating hours. And why not add some themed music in the background to liven things up?

Change your Voicemail Greeting


Similar to your company’s greeting and automatic out-of-office email response, do not forget to change your voicemail greeting to indicate to those trying to reach you that you will be out of the office until a specific date. And if you want to ensure you do not receive calls, why not activate the “do not disturb” function?

Add Technical Support Access to your Telephone Greeting


Take IP4B, for example. When our offices are closed, we always offer our customers the option to contact us for emergency technical support. You do not have to offer technology services for your clients to need your support; think transportation, retail, human resources, financial services, and many other sectors where your clients may need your services outside of regular hours.

Connect your Employees with Remote Access to your Computer Systems


If you haven’t already, ensure your employees and colleagues have remote computer access to your IT systems. Whether VPN access, SD-WAN connectivity, or something else, remote connectivity gives your organization an extra layer of business continuity protection. What’s more, this connectivity allows your colleagues to provide emergency support, if needed, to your customers in need.

Four Tips


These four tips are designed to increase your productivity and deliver a customer experience that lives up to your customers’ expectations because, in 2023, the world is hyper-connected.

If you want to know how to implement these tips, we invite you to contact us at to start a discussion. Also, feel free to forward this article to a colleague if you think they might find it helpful.