Review of 2019 and Looking Forward to 2020

Another year in the rear-view mirror. Actually, so many things happened in 2019 that sometimes we get the feeling that we are writing a review of the past decade.

IP4B Network Upgrade

This year IP4B once again invested in a number of initiatives to upgrade its network. Here is a quick review of 2019.

For one, the deal signed with Bell Canada that empowers IP4B to offer a completely redundant SIP network to all its clients. The Bell Canada network becomes the main IP4B backbone across Canada. It replaces alternative tier two networks previously used but that were unable to provide the highest level of robustness sought.

Also, IP4B has chosen the NETSCOUT solution, the industry’s most comprehensive DDoS attack protection. It currently protects the largest telecommunication providers with 61% market share. Moreover, the consulting firm Frost & Sullivan recognized NETSCOUT with the Market Leadership Award, the highest recognition level. Going forward, IP4B has the best defense against future DDoS attacks.

The Productivity Gains of Unified Communications Solutions

In 2018 we launched IP4B’s unified communications solution. Since them, an incredible number of customers have signed up for it. And there are many reasons why they have done so: an advantageous lower total cost of ownership (TCO), a high return on investment (ROI) or powerful tools enabling employers to grant greater workforce flexibility.

These are some of the many reasons forcing traditional phone system manufacturers to either cease their PBX operations as it is the case with Samsung or to be pushed once again on the edge of bankruptcy as with Avaya.

So Many Thank You

Yes, so many thank you to all of our new clients; there are too many of you to be listed here. But if you read these lines, you know how thankful we are of your patronage and the trust that you have put in IP4B.

We would not exist today if it were not for all of our loyal customers who have been with us over the past many years. A huge thank you to all for contributing to our success.

What Is in Store for 2020

We have lots and lots on new projects for 2020. You will excuse us for keeping the wraps on most of them. But we believe that the wait is worth it.

We did, however, give you a sneak preview at an upcoming product launch in our post on today’s recruiting challenges for organizations in today’s full employment economy. In this article, we spoke of the RAVI solution, IP4B’s latest homegrown software. RAVI is the code name we gave the project. In French, it stands for “Réponse Automatisée Vocale Interactive” which translates to “Automated Interactive Voice Response”. We invite you to read our article to learn more about this exciting upcoming solution.

Until then, we truly wish you the best success in all your business endeavors in 2020 while not forgetting health and happiness to you and your loved ones.