Unified Communications Solutions for Small Businesses

Augmenter productivité réduire les couts

When we are about to write a new article on our blog, we often consult other blogs talking about the main trends in the market. But we have to admit that these blogs talk a lot about new technologies for large companies. However, unified communications solutions like AGILITI4B with Webex are also beneficial for small businesses.

Here are some explanations.



First of all, companies no longer have to pay for cellular service for their employees. Indeed, thanks to the AGILITI4B with Webex application installed on the employees’ devices, they are easily reachable. On the other hand, the mobile app confers two crucial advantages:

1) Employees who are on the road or only reachable on their mobile devices are on the same phone network as the rest of their colleagues. Thus, they can, among other things, transfer calls from extension to extension. Compare this to a call received on a cellular account where it cannot be transferred back to a colleague in the office.

2) Employees do not have to disclose their cell phone numbers so they remain private. And when they are off work, they don’t have to answer business calls.

Cost reduction


There are undoubtedly many devices that significantly improve remote team meetings. We can think of the futuristic (yet very real) approach where meetings will be holographic or the use of interactive video conferencing boards. But these tools, although highly productive, are not within reach of all small businesses.

With AGILITI4B with Webex, it is now possible to collaborate in real-time with the devices that everyone has at hand: a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet.

Like big companies


With the modern tools offered by AGILITI4B with Webex, small and medium-sized Canadian businesses can now offer productivity rates on par with the most prominent companies possessing a technology budget several times larger.

The AGILITI4B Unified Communications solution with Webex is just right for small businesses in so many ways. It allows you to increase productivity, facilitates hybrid telecommuting, and compares favorably to well-known solutions like MS Teams.

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