Do you know uSpace? IP4B is introducing your express user management portal!

It’s been a while since IP4B released its simplified online user management interface. The uSpace tool is an express portal allowing users to modify the main parameters of their IP telephony account to see the list of inbound and outbound calls. In addition, it provides playback of call recordings for companies that have enabled this feature.

The uSpace portal takes its name from “you” and “space.” It allows users to change several telephony settings related to voicemail and call forwarding in a self-service mode without requesting it from a system administrator. This self-service facility allows users to quickly change their preferences without placing an additional workload on the person responsible for system administration.

The uSpace express portal lets users view their list of inbound and outbound calls. It is possible to export this list to Excel or any other tool that supports CSV files.

Finally, uSpace allows users to listen to call recordings. However, this option is only available to companies that have subscribed to the call recording option with portal playback. Recording calls is helpful for compliance, training, or recording verbal transactions.

The uSpace portal is available to all IP telephony users, including Webex subscribers. It can be accessed here at with the same user ID and password used to access the softphone application that was shared with you at the activation time.